Tourism Shandong is dedicated to sharing the best places to see, the service to get there and encouraging safe and peaceful sightseeing in this historical province.


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About Tourism in Shandong (关于旅游山东)

Welcome to an informational source for sightseeing and traveling in Shandong province of China. Whether you are looking for a nice Sunday drive or visiting one of the many historically rich sites in Shandong, this website promises to provide detailed and accurate information to help make your travels safe and enjoyable.

This website was designed and written by foreigners that have lived in Shandong for many years. We encourage you to browse this for new destinations, travel tips and information about Shandong highways. If you have visited a unique spot in Shandong you think should be on this site then please Contact Us and provide me some pictures and a little story about your experiences. Help us build an excellent resource for the foreign community of Shandong.

Thank you for your interest in Shandong and together we can make this province a place to remember.

About Shandong (关于山东)

Shandong has a long and rich history of at least 5000 years of Chinese civilization and a much longer history with a recent find of one of the world’s largest collection of dinosaur bones from any one area. Shandong also has some important geological formations with the second longest river in China, the Yellow River (黄河) with a length of 5,464 kilometers, the Grand Canal as well as some significant mountain ranges that were significant for the development of many religions in the country including Chinese Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. This province is loaded with history and ... read more on Historical Shandong

Featured Destinations

Rizhao Seaside Tourist Resort

Rizhao Seaside Tourist Resort

This is an awesome seaside tourist resort with all kinds of entertainment for all ages with beach activities, parasailing, forest parks, paint ball games, sand castle building competition and much more....[read more]

Zhucheng Dinosaur World Geo-Park

Zhucheng Dinosaur World Geo-Park

It’s “Dinosaur World” as the curator of this world renowned Dinosaur Geo-Park puts it. Now open to the public this geological wonder displays millions of year’s history with high tech displays and much more...[read more]

Yishui Underground caves

Yishui Underground Cave

Just north of Linyi City (临沂市) lays this beautiful little tourist town Yishui (沂水) with the AAAA Rated Under Ground Grand Canyon and Underground Florescent Lake as well as...[read more]

Motorcycling in Shandong Province

Motorcycle Cruising Roads

There are a lot of good roads to cruise on and do some sightseeing or just taking a break and getting out to feel some corners or fresh air...[read more]

Maps of Shandong

Shandong is considered to be a North East province of China, but as you can see in the map below it is almost a central province. Click here for more details of Shandong Province or click here for a 4-meg detailed tourist map of Shandong compliments of the Shandong International Tourism Development Center in Jinan. (0531-82676418)

Map of China